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Special Olympics Illinois Athletes Build Financial Wellness with IL ABLE

Special Olympics Illinois athletes and their families build physical wellness on the court, on the field and in the pool.

With IL ABLE, they build financial strength and wellness.

Special Olympics Illinois athletes and their families can open IL ABLE savings and investment accounts to save for qualified disability expenses while preserving benefits such as SSI and Medicaid.

Benefits of Opening an IL ABLE Account

     •   Preserve federal benefits such as SSI and Medicaid
     •   Earnings grow tax-free
     •   High quality, low-fee investment options
     •   FDIC insured checking account option
     •   Anyone can contribute to your IL ABLE account
     •   State income tax benefits to Illinois taxpayers for contributions

Learn more about the benefits of saving at Why IL ABLE.

“My son’s IL ABLE [account] helped to pay for his adaptive ski lessons. IL ABLE has done it right.”

   Kish Pisani, Mom of SOILL athlete & IL ABLE Account Owner

Use your IL ABLE account to cover a wide range of Qualified Disability Expenses, such as:

• Lodging at events far from home • Employment training and support
• Sports equipment & program fees • Health & Wellness
• Travel expenses • Housing
• Education • Personal support services
• Assistive technology

Learn more about Spending with IL ABLE.

Additionally, Account Owners who work can direct deposit their paychecks into their IL ABLE accounts and avoid SSI asset caps. Working IL ABLE Account Owners can also contribute more to their accounts.

Learn more about ABLE to Work.

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