IL ABLE Accounts for Individuals with Disabilities

Young man with Down syndrome making purchase with debit card
Young man with Autism sitting on bench talking on phone and smiling
Toddler with Down syndrome on Mom’s lap, smiling while she reads
Wheelchair user having office meeting with colleague
Woman with service dog and wheelchair user walking city street
Invest in yourself.
Build greater
financial independence.
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Preserve your
federal benefits.
SSI, Medicaid & HUD
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Save smart.
Plan for your
child’s future.
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Build independence.
Save more
if you work.
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Be in control.
Save for current and future expenses.
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IL ABLE “Achieving a Better Life Experience” Accounts give people with disabilities and their families greater financial independence while preserving benefits. A high-quality, low-cost IL ABLE savings and investment Account can be opened by an Eligible Individual, or Authorized Individual, at any time, no matter what state they live in.
Having an IL ABLE Account made it possible for me to save to buy my first home. I was able to renovate to make my new house accessible.
Wendy, Account Owner
It was so easy to set up an IL ABLE Account. It took just 15 minutes and I was so relieved to have it set up. I tell all my friends to set one up for their children.
Nancy, Parent of IL ABLE Account Owner
Now our daughter can save for a wide range of things such as participating in the Special Olympics, continuing education, purchasing an apartment, and a car.
Rebecca, Parent of IL ABLE Account Owner
An IL ABLE Account is a great way to save for the future.
Nevit, Account Owner
I’m able to save and it feels really good. I recommend IL ABLE because it took my life off hold and I’m able to pursue a decent future.
IL ABLE Account Owner
Having an IL ABLE Account lets me keep more money than I could before.
Zach, IL ABLE Account Owner
As a parent, I hope that both my sons have a sense of self-worth. Included in that is having pride in their work and earnings. The IL ABLE Account lets them use some of their earnings for items that they wouldn’t have been able to purchase on their own before.
Micki, Parent of IL ABLE Account Owner